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As long as there have been locks, there have been thieves trying to get them open. In the modern age, locks have become highly complex affairs with intricate inner mechanisms, both mechanical and electronic. Unfortunately, thieves and vandals have also benefitted from advances in technology and can break open even modern locks, given enough time. High-security locks are the need of the hour. If you live in Los Angeles, CA and are worried about the security at your home or place of work, you can have high-security locks installed for an added sense of security. City Locksmith Services is a professional locksmith service that has worked with countless businesses in the area in the past and has installed a range of high-security, nearly impregnable security locks.

Why are high-security locks relevant?

The locks on the doors at your home or your business protect your valuable possessions and even your life. Investing in buying high-security locks for your doors makes sense, even if you’re protected by insurance. While you may be able to replace your possessions, you can’t replace items that have sentimental value. High-security locks act as deterrents to potential thieves, making them more likely to pass over your home or office for easier targets.

Characteristics of high-security locks:

  • Resistance to forced entry
  • Sturdy design, reinforced with strong materials
  • Intricate locking mechanism that is nearly impossible to pick
  • Electronic locks that can’t be manipulated
  • Hard to manipulate

Evaluation and assessment of your property:

If you’re not sure on what kind of locks you need to get installed at your home or business, you can contact City Locksmith Services for a free security consultation. Our experts will go over your property and look for vulnerable areas that could potentially be exploited by thieves or vandals. We can give you suggestions and recommend high-security lock models that you can get installed on your property. 

Get the right high-security locks installed:

Your home and your office need varying levels of security. An office still needs to be accessible to multiple people, while homes, on the other hand, have to admit only a limited number of people. It’s much more complex to install high-security locks in offices as compared to homes. City Locksmith Services’s locksmith have years of industry experience under their belts. They can quickly identify and install exactly the kind of locks you need. 

City Locksmith Services carries locks from top manufacturers like Mul-T-lock and ASSA. Here is a list of our most popular high-security locks:City Locksmith Services Los Angeles, CA 310-819-3968

  • Smart locks for homes
  • Sturdy padlocks
  • Rim or Mortise locks
  • Knob locks
  • Lever locks
  • Digital keypad locks
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Motion sensors

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